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A.W.E. Enterprise is dedicated to providing positive, rapid, effective and permanent transformation. This is accomplished through our integrated, whole-systems programs for people and organizations. AWE Centers helps people and organizations to powerfully manifest their highest expression by applying the principles of AWE - Abundance, Wellness & Enlightenment:

1) Abundance Mind = The state of being in which one is fulfilled, grateful, generous and overflowing with enthusiasm.

2) Wellness Body = Healthy, vital, energized, somatically aware and environmentally conscious.

3) Enlightenment Soul) = Awakened, aware, compassionate, balanced, present, wise, interconnected, integrated, and authentic.

Using whole-person/whole-system tools, technologies, training and environments, AWE Enterprise helps people transform their business, communities, and society to positively shift the way we live, consume, and relate to each other and the planet. Our programs provide ways to integrate Collaborative Workspaces (The Abundance Environment), Optimal Wellness Environment (The Wellness Environment), Personal Development (The Enlightenment Environment), and Community (The Community Environment).


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