How can my company increase revenues, profits and growth by doing good for our employees, society and the environment?

How can our company better serve our shareholders, employees, customers, channel relations and communities?

How can I powerfully transform my company's morale, connection and inspiration in a way that translates into profits?

How can I become a better leader and positively transform our organization?

Whole & Health People & Businesses - using whole-systems applications and inclusive approaches, AWE helps businesses maximize revenues, profits and growth while concurrently creating significant benefits for customers, shareholders, employees, strategic relations, society and the planet.Our offerings lead to synergistic win-win solutions with widespread adoption and high impact results that fulfill the objectives of the organization. Read more

AWE's 7-Phase Sucess System - helps enterprise stakeholders employee benefits into increased revenues, profits and growth for the company while concurrently reducing health care costs, stress, absenteeism, inefficiency, low self esteem, fear, pettiness, blame and expensive disempowering processes. Read more

Enlightened Leadership - the Executive Oracle Series and Sustainability Series are offered to business leaders to educate, inform and train executives as agents of personal, business, social, environmental and economic transformation. This is accomplished by providing executives with a powerful array of tools, workshops and trainings that integrate new paradigm business, ancient wisdom, biomimicry and creative manifestation to give executives the ability to optimally address the myriad of challenges, changes and situations that frequently arise from doing business in todays fast paced world. Read more


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